Massage Therapy

What is Massage Therapy?

massage therapy


Massage is the manual manipulation of soft tissues (muscles and tendons) to help decrease pain and improve mobility. By increasing the supply of oxygen and nutrients to muscle tissue, it really boosts the body’s natural healing processes – plus, it feels fantastic!

How can Massage Therapy help me?

Massages are very relaxing, but that’s not the only benefit to having them regularly. Massage Therapy can treat acute and chronic conditions ranging from stress and anxiety to back pain and sports injuries.

Massage is great on its own as a wellness strategy – and we often recommend it as a complementary Therapy to physio, acupuncture and chiropractic.

How does Massage Therapy work?

Massaging the soft tissue helps improve circulation and increase heart rate and lymphatic flow, promoting relaxation and vital stress relief. If you’re coming back from an injury, massage helps with healing; the therapy is focused specifically on your injury/trauma or muscular dysfunction.

The treatment is usually deep tissue work using a variety of techniques. If you’re an athlete, massage is incredibly beneficial as well – it decreases recovery time from soft tissue injuries and enhances overall performance.