Membership Based Massage Centres Good/Bad?

Memberships to massage clinics?

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Most everyone these days are looking to save money.  I mean why not if you can get the same thing for less, who wouldn’t?  Well sometimes its not worth it!  Do you want to get operated on by a surgeon who recently graduated? or a surgeon with a few years under their belt.  When it comes to my body and health I want the very best and you will not get that from a membership based massage therapy Centre
Membership massage therapy centres might save the consumer a few dollars but it reflects on the therapist.  As an example if a massage is $80/hr an RMT at a clinic typically makes about $50-$60 and for the same treatment. Membership based centre the massage may be $65/hr but the RMT will make $35/hr. The RMT works just as hard but gets much less.  It is only a matter of time before their passion and physical body wares out.  New graduate are the bases of these types of practices. Most seasoned RMT’s have invested years of work an education and want to get paid accordingly.
 Once a RMT has gained experience at a membership based company, they usually get tired of the environment and move on to a clinic that offers better pay.  Rarely do RMT’s stay long term at these types of practices.  Don’t get surprised if one day you try to book a massage and your RMT is no longer there.  If spending a few extra dollars to get a quality massage by an RMT who gets paid sufficiently for their work and without a contract, I’m definitely for it.   Don’t take my word for it there are plenty of reviews on Google, here are just a few.



Consumer Affairs

The Good

  • Cheaper per massage

The Bad

  • Must sign a 12 month contract
  • Usually new or inexperienced Therapists (RMT)
  • Hard to get out of the membership
  • MUST have a treatment every month, they may let you carry it over to the next month
  • Not as much attention to detail, more like a conveyor belt service